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Carbon Classic TM Snare Drums
The Rocket Shells Carbon Classic Snare Drum is our 4th generation no holds barred, top of the line snare drum. All aspects of the drum have been designed and manufactured to satisfy the demands of the gigging professional who require their gear to perform flawlessly night after night-year after year. We have been continuously refining our materials and hardware selection, and have combined this with cutting edge manufacturing technology. This has resulted in what we believe to be the most technologically advanced drum on the market. All components (with the exception of tension rods) are manufactured and assembled in the USA utilizing strict quality assurance.

Ask about our Ported LE model, designed and played exclusively by Jose Pasillas/ Incubus.

When you purchase a Rocket Shells snare drum, you are investing in thousands of hours of testing and Research and Development, by the finest drummers in the industry. In fact, Rocket Shells snare drums have produced the backbeats for such diverse acts as: Incubus, Papa Roach, The Deftones, The Rippingtons, Jane’s Addiction, nsync, Tool, Lit, Bad Religion, Ignite, Will Haven, Megadeth, Banyan, many professional Orchestras, and countless other acts all over the world.
  • The specifics:

    At the core of the drum is our patented C-1200 shell (14” only- all other sizes utilize C-900 shell). The bearing edges are carbon fiber, and machine cut to a relatively sharp 45 degrees, then slightly rounded over for optimum head seating. The edges are then wet sanded producing a perfectly smooth edge which will last a lifetime. The snare bed is faired from edge to the center gradually, which minimizes stress on the bottom head. Our cast carbon fiber lugs are coated with a crystal clear finish, and outfitted with a polished brass barrel nut, which offers smooth as butter tensioning. Our ngage strainer and low mass butt plate are strong and smooth and light. We use 16 strand Puresound Snare Custom wires, and Remo head which offer a warm crisp tone.

  • The Performance:

    The Carbon Classic snare drum is one of the most versatile drums on the market. The best description of the sound is a cross between metal and wood- that is, the drum produces a powerful and sharp attack similar to metal, but with the depth and warmth of a wood shell drum. The true benefit of the drum comes from the stability of the material which means that the drum stays in tune over a wide variety of conditions- wet or dry, hot or cold etc… The other benefit of carbon fiber is its extremely low weight. Our 7 x 14 snare weighs in at just over 6 pounds!

  • Options:

    Carbon Classic Snare drums are manufactured from 4” to 12” in depth, and in all diameters 8” thru 14”. Our ‘standard’ color is natural carbon fiber black, but our manufacturing experience allows us to achieve almost any finish imaginable.

  • Ask about our Ported LE model, designed and played exclusively by Jose Pasillas/Incubus.

Carbon Classic TM  Drum Shells
Rocket Shells were developed to have a warm tone with good projection and resonance. They have been compared to birch, and the snares are described as sounding like a cross between wood and metal. That is, having the warmth of wood, and the projection and volume of metal.
  • C-600

    Our C-600 drum shell combines carbon fiber and fiberglass in a thin shell alternative to our C-900 line. At just under 1/8” thick, this hybrid shell has a lower fundamental note than our other shells. Those after a vintage sound, with great resonance and projection will love the C-600. The outer finished is matte black carbon fiber, and the inner is finished in a black gloss.

  • C-900

    Designed to have the warmth of wood, and the projection of metal, the C-900 combines strategically layered carbon fibers with our specifically designed high density core material. The resulting shell is very rigid and light, and produces a shell with warm tones and a very broad tuning range. The C-900 is approximately 1/4" in thickness, loves to be tuned low and punchy, or tune higher with excellent projection and resonance. You will appreciate how well all of our carbon fiber shells stay in tune, hot or cold, wet or dry!

  • C-1200

    Our C-1200 shell takes the basic properties of the C-900 and adds 40% more carbon in a slightly thinner shell. The increase in density raises the pitch and projection making it the perfect snare drum shell for all styles of music. The interior and exterior of the shell is finished in durable gloss black carbon fiber.

  • C-1600

    Rocket Shells has combined forces with the top Pipe bands and Drum and Bugle Corps in the world to create a shell which both has the sound and durability required by schools and top professionals. The C-1600 is finished inside and out in gloss carbon fiber, as well as specialty colors on demand. When weight, pitch, strength, durability and value are priorities, The C—1600 is the only choice.

Premium Snare Drum Throwoff
  • ngage

    The ngageTM by Rocket Shells is now available to drummers and drum builders through the retail, and OEM markets. The premium snare throwoff has been in development for over 2 years, and final testing has been recently completed. Rocket Shells’ Engineers and machinists have taken advantage of the latest CAD/CAM technologies to produce the most user friendly, ergonomic throwoff available.

  • Its’ simplistic and sleek design is CNC machined from aircraft aluminum, making the ngageTM by Rocket Shells lighter, stronger, and smoother than other high end throwoffs on the market. The design utilizes a cam and sealed bearing combination, which allows nearly frictionless tensioning of the snare wires. In addition, the easily accessible fine adjustment knob features a ball bearing and spring assembly,

  • which gives the player “feedback” every ¼ turn, as well as preventing accidental de-tensioning of the snares wires. The key features of the ngage are:
    • Manufactured in the USA from aircraft grade billet aluminum and stainless steel
    • Lightweight, ergonomic, and durable design
    • Smooth roller-cam action with sealed, stainless steel ball bearings

  • • Sensitive fine tension knob with “feedback” every ¼ turn
    • Available in silver, black, and black and silver
    • Butt Plate included
    • Lifter kit available for small drums