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  • Testimonials

    "Received the snare yesterday. Man the stuff you are doing is incredible. Looks, sounds, feels amazing! The snare just does all the work for you. Its marvellous!" KB

    "I bought a snare drum recently. Just reporting back that its the most incredible snare drum ive personally played. Perfect craftsmanship, not to mention the new ngage, best throw-off on the market Thanks again Rocket Shells! I’d also like to see how much you guys might charge for a custom 5x10 snare. Nick

    "Best looking drums in the world from Rocket Shells; sound too good to be wood!" BG

    "Paul, I think of you every day as I sit behind one of the originals. A million beats later and not a termite to be found! Stop by for a roll some day. Love ya, Dave" (Kit purchased in 1996)